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Ready, Set, Start the Process

"Thoughtful Tuesday"

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Collaborations around comprehensive school mental health supports offer vital connections with  healthcare centers as well as community-based organizations, mental and behavioral health agencies, and other youth-serving entities that can deliver enhanced wraparound services. 

How do you start? Take heart, we've got you covered!
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Collaborations can create a prevention to early intervention treatment continuum that supports holistic services. Learn more.

Consider the value of partnerships with entities that can provide wraparound services and more intensive levels of care for youth and educators.

Consider possible barriers to effective collaboration.
Get tips to overcome and plan for effective collaborations.

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Think forward and be strategic as you consider collaborations. Start today! #TakeHEART #TeamworkMakestheDreamWork

Remember, the key to successful collaborations is the ability to match need with service delivery. With increased awareness, feedback from stakeholders, and buy-in from your school community, you can implement signature programming that promotes and supports wellness.

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