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Activate Your Power

"Wellness Wednesday"

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Everyone in your school community needs to have a seat at the table when schools/districts are considering ways to build and sustain a compassionate school community—students, families, staff, and community partners.

Take strides today to listen to and engage stakeholders at all levels.

Create opportunities to gather and engage your stakeholders.

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Families—a crucial part of each school community—have always known what is in the best interest of their children. Many of them have simply been waiting to be asked.


Learn more about the National School Mental Health Implementation Guidance launched to support student mental health.

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Consider how you can create gathering places and safe spaces to engage with your stakeholders today and every day.

Stakeholder engagement isn't something you do one day, but rather, something you plan for and operationalize. There are a host of virtual, in-person, and/or hybrid options for obtaining feedback and engaging with the members of your community. Whether you seek feedback via online surveys, community forums, and/or other tactics, remember to target your audience, have clear goals, and to listen to stakeholders and accept what you learn.

Keep in mind, too, the importance of a continuous improvement process that updates stakeholders at all levels on the trends you identified and the ways you plan to act upon the things you need to improve. And most of all, remember to thank stakeholders for their engagement and involvement in your process.

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