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Promote Well-being

"Wellness Wednesday"

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Student well-being goes hand in hand with the health and well-being of teachers and other school staff. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, which coincides with our Take HEART Campaign, access resources designed to support the mental health and well-being of educators.

Take strides today to take care of and support those at the
front of the class.

Help combat burnout to improve the wellness of educators and school staff. Learn more about strategies to improve student and educator well-being. 

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When teachers or parents are stressed, they’re less likely to be well attuned to the youth in their care. Weaving mindfulness into your school day or family's life, will lead to a calmer, happier, and more connected school/family. Read more.

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Many schools are using yoga to effectively address the trauma and toxic stress that administrators, educators, and students experience each day. Using yoga practices rooted in neuroscience, educators can bring themselves and their students in the moment calm.

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Jump-Start Your Wellness Practices!

When you feel lethargic, or to boost your brainpower when you’re foggy, take a full, deep inhalation and exhale slowly. Inhale again, and begin exhaling by quickly pulling in the lower abs to force air out in short spurts. Your inhalation will be passive between each active, quick exhalation. Continue for 25–30 exhalations.

Families and schools can help youth become more mindful by modeling compassion, gratitude, and reflection throughout their day. Each of these concepts can become a part of daily routines by taking time to pause, express what we’re thankful for, and think about how our actions affect others.

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