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Your Power

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"Take-Charge Thursday"

Learn more about strategies that empower and engage all members of your school community to use their voice to advocate for policies in districts, schools, and programs that support inclusion and the implementation of effective social, emotional, and behavioral health practices.

Take steps to advocate for student mental health.

Activate your power.
Get practical guidance on ways to promote hope and create a school community that works together to reduce and respond compassionately to trauma.

Happy family

Families—a crucial part of each school community—have always known what is in the best interest of their children. Many of them have simply been waiting to be asked.

Put Compassion in Action. Learn how to engage stakeholders, turn naysayers into allies, and build the critical collaborations needed to support students and families as well as school staff and community members.

Working with others who have the same passion for cultivating heart centered communities in schools to address trauma, can amplify your voice.
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When you bring together diverse voices, all singing from the same songbook, you can create networks of support and plans to grow—regionally, nationally, and globally—healing-centered and trauma-informed school communities. With a deepened awareness of the trauma, we should all be working to support healing, resilience, and recovery for all, with a particular emphasis on at-risk youth and their families, as well as, school staff who are suffering from burnout and fatigue

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