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Put Compassion Into Action

"Fearless Friday"

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Thank you for supporting our Take HEART Public Awareness Campaign. We hope the efforts you made this week sparked your interest and intent around building or enhancing collaborations that support school-based mental health.

Have no fear Friday is here! Take a bow and celebrate! 
After School

Promote hope.

Fill your toolkit with a cohesive set of strategies and practices to create a school community that works together to reduce and respond compassionately to trauma.

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Be grateful.

Always have an attitude of gratitude! Be appreciative of the opportunities you have to engage with stakeholders. Thank all members of your school community, and remember, we are all suffering from the impact of trauma. Lead with kindness and promote compassionate school practices.


Envision success.
Begin to vision and plan for the wraparound mental health supports your school community needs to ensure culturally responsive, integrative, and positive school-based mental health approaches.

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Advocate to decision makers to equip schools/districts with the capacity to recognize and respond to trauma, promote healing, and ensure well-being.

We recognize that schools are often the hubs for communities and believe that all schools can support our children holistically. Take HEART! Support our work to ensure that wraparound mental health services are as easy to access in schools as pencils and highlighters. 

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