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Share Your Story: Contribute to Our e-Newsletter or Blog!

Do you have a query, lived experience testimonial, or first-hand story related to school-based mental health?
Share your story and support the recovery and healing of self and others through messages of hope.

We believe in the power of compassionate conversations and storytelling to reduce stigma around mental health, well-being, and recovery from illness and/or substance abuse. When a conversation is started or a story is told, we shine a light on topics that others may be struggling with as well; in this way, we can give others the gift of hope and provide them with a sense of community based on shared experiences.


You don't have to be a professional writer to offer a submission.
This is an opportunity for you to share YOUR story in your OWN words. Your submission can be anonymous, if you wish.


Whether you have a written piece, a video, a quote or something else—we will help you edit and refine your piece to include in our bimonthly publication, Compassion Action News, or our blog. Our goal is to receive strength-based questions, original writings, videos, quotes, etc. that spark hope, healing, and resilience. Check out our writing tips and review our guidelines. When you're ready, share your story below. You will receive confirmation of receipt of your submission within 48 hours of your submission.

When your question, blog, article, or other product-based submission is selected for posting, you will be contacted directly for editorial consultation. The New England MHTTC will not publish or reproduce any submission without the approval and consent of the author of the submitted entry.

For more information on the New England MHTTC's School Mental Health Initiative and/or our "Share Your Story" campaign, contact us.

Share Your Story
What type of entry are you submitting?

Thanks for submitting! You will receive confirmation of receipt of yur entry within 48 hours of submission.

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