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Developing and sustaining a strength-based approach in a school requires the creation of a
strength-based culture. This requires commitment and leadership that reflects and models its principles. It is about having a strength-based way of
thinking, describing and practicing that is consistent
and purposefully supported by all staff and supporting community volunteers (McCashen, 2005; O’Connell, 2006). 

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Program Exemplar:
Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative

To strengthen school mental health supports that address the needs of children who have/are at risk of experiencing trauma, the New England MHTTC developed the Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative.

Evidence-Based Approach:
Compassionate School Mental Health Model

This approach to school-based mental health is foundational to the HEART Collective.  

Our model is designed to help school communities establish a compassionate cultural foundation for strong relationships and holistic skills to weather stress, trauma, and promote well-being for the entire school population.. 

Online Learning: Cultivating Compassionate School Communities...

This 12 hour course developed by the New England MHTTC offers recommendations to cultivate a compassionate school community that will buffer against the negative effects of trauma, build resilience for all students, and provide stress-relief and enhanced well-being for teachers and other school personnel as well as students.

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Review Mental Health Screening Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from Methuen Public School District’s Counseling and Mental Health Department is a valuable tool for schools to use to help staff, students, and families understand the basics of mental health screening. Adapt it to reflect the policies and practices in your district

Updates from the Field

“The C-TLC has impacted my understanding of students and how to implement effective programs to improve school/district response to student mental health needs by providing up-to-date and relevant resources and strategies that educators can implement in a wide range of educational settings."

~2020-2021 C-TLC Fellow

Review the New England MHTTC's Survey of Childhood-Trauma Learning Collaborative Fellows to learn how these educational leaders are implementing compassionate school mental health practices on-the ground at their home schools.

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