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Get Educated and Spread the Word

"Mindful Monday"

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Download our Action Plan Worksheet: 6 Steps to Guide Your Mental Health Literacy Plan
Chart your steps and measure your progress toward empowering your school and/or district by increasing the mental health literacy of the students, families, and school staff in your learning community—a key strategy for improving behavioral health outcomes for individuals and families.

Take time today to educate yourself and others to understand the impact of childhood trauma and the importance of comprehensive school-based mental health supports.
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Ready your school community to weather stress, trauma, and promote well-being for your entire school population

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Get answers! Access concrete steps to help you improve the mental health literacy of everyone in the school building.

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Turn universal lessons into instruction.

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Share what you learned today with stakeholders in your school community. 

Take time and consider the ways healthcare centers as well as community-based organizations, mental and behavioral health agencies, and other youth-serving institutions can support the mental health and well-being of students, families, and staff.

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